Welcome To Center Fork Baptist Church

Schedule & Information


10:30 AM each Sunday


Services will be held in our gymnasium. Because of the social distancing requirements and also the fact that we must disinfect between the services, the gym is the perfect place for worship services.

Parking & Arrival Times? Let’s talk about arrival times & parking!
1. Traffic will be
ONE WAY until further notice if you are dropping off or picking up.

2. We will have parking lot greeters who will meet you and help you find your way.
3. Arrival Times: Plan to arrive 10 minutes before church starts. Fellowship time afterwards.

4. Handicapped members, young mothers with kids and others – parking is available close to gym.

Entering to Worship

1. We will have two entrances and two exits. Deacons will be in place to direct you to seating.
2. Once you enter the building – you will be seated by our Deacons.
3. Make sure there are at least 3 seats between you and the next family group!
4. Once seated – you can give your offering at the table...bathrooms available down the hall.
5. No Water Fountains in Use. Make sure your water bottle has a lid or water cup has a lid.
6. After the service is finished, our Deacons will dismiss you by row.
7. Fellowship can happen outside – just remain socially distanced.

Social Distancing at Center Fork
1. Masks. We are strongly encouraging you to love your neighbor and wear a mask.


  • Why masks? We are being asked to by our Governor and Department of Health.

  • We do this to obey the spirit of Romans 13 and also to love our neighbor well.

2. Hand sanitizer is available at entries, exits, bathrooms and also on back wall of gym.
3 Seats. Make sure there are 3 seats between you and the next family group.
No hugging or handshaking with folks outside your family group.
Fellowship times will be outside before and after services with social distance.
Bathrooms available. Only 2 people inside at a time. Keep social distance if there is a line.

All this info will be on our Website, on our private FB page and also going out on email after the video is posted. If you have questions ask them! If you can’t be here with us in our live service, we will be recording our services and hopefully uploading them to our You Tube channel early next week.

In Christ’s Name and For His Glory,
Bro. Scott Bates
Bro. Shawn Crane